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Album Cover - Chinese Masterpieces Of The Pipa And Qin
Chinese Masterpieces Of The Pipa And Qin
 Artist: Cheng Yu
 Album: Chinese Masterpieces Of The Pipa And Qin
 Date of Release: 2007
 Label: ARC Music
 Cat. No.: EUCD2074
 Country of Release: UK
 Genre/s: 1. Classical
2. World | International

 Sub-Genre/s: 1. Chinese Classical, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Contemporary
2. Chinese
 Type: Studio
   Time: 57:20
   Date of Review: 2013/06/25
   Web Site:
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Chinese Masterpieces Of The Pipa And Qin

Cheng Yu's Chinese Masterpieces Of The Pipa And Qin was released on ARC Music in 2007. ARC is one of the more enterprising labels with a fair catalogue of Chinese music (amongst much else, of course), thank goodness, but over all, it is alas still all too hard to find excellent recordings of Chinese classical and traditional music such as this. But, kudos to ARC for their catalogue and this outstanding example!

Cheng Yu is an award-winning maestro of the pipa (also pi pa, p'i p'a, etc.), a four-stringed Chinese lute of most likely Persian origin, and the qin or guquin (pronounced 'chin'), the most highly regarded of the Chinese long board zithers which unlike other members of this family such as the guzheng is not bridged. Hence, attainment of the full range of its seven strings is almost entirely dependant on the use of harmonics. Its playing style is further characterised by the use of glissandi and vibrato, while its natural sonority is characterised by deep resonance. The qin has been the favourite of the Chinese literati, intelligentsia and aristocracy, probably for well in excess of 2,000 years.

Both pipa and qin are here often accompanied by the xiao, a long, vertical bamboo flute, played by Li Xiangting, a qin and xiao maestro, and xiao virtuoso Wang Cheng.

The pieces played on Chinese Masterpieces Of The Pipa And Qin range from the medieval right up to the modern, and are classical as well as traditional. All have the greatest charm to the open ear and mind. Mostly contemplative, this music is hauntingly beautiful, and Cheng Yu's exquisite playing conveys the themes inherent in the titles to great effect.

Every single track here is well worth the price of admission, as it were, and it is impossible to choose a favourite. Chinese Masterpieces Of The Pipa And Qin is not merely compelling, it is utterly mesmerising and I find it hard to wrest myself away from playing this exquisitely beautiful album.

Sadly, it comes in a jewel case, but this is compensated by an extensive booklet in English, French, German and Spanish, so I still definitely recommend the CD over digital download.

Cheng Yu's Chinese Masterpieces Of The Pipa And Qin is an absolute must have for any lover of good music and will have special appeal to classical and world music connoisseurs. It should not be missing from anyone's collection. Personally, I would not be parted from it for anything!

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Track List:

 1. Flowing Water (qin solo, 1425) - 7:57
 2. White Snow in Sunny Spring (pipa, suite style, 1818) - 3:51
 3. Wild Geese Descending on the Sandy Beach (qin & xiao, 1910) - 6:15
 4. Dragon Boat (pipa, folk style) - 4:36
 5. Dance of the Yi People (pipa, 1964) - 7:49
 6. Flute and Drum at Sunset (pipa & xiao, civil style, 1790s) - 11:40
 7. Three Variations on Plum Blossom (qin & xiao, 1425) - 7:51
 8. Ambushed on Ten Sides (pipa, martial style, 1818) - 6:55

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Cheng Yu - pipa (Chinese lute) & qin (Chinese zither)

Li Xiangting - xiao (Chinese flute) (3, 7)
Wang Cheng - xiao (Chinese flute) (6)


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Chinese Masterpieces Of The Pipa And Qin can be purchased from:
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