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Review: Mark Weinstein - Todo Corazon - The Tango Album
Album Cover - Todo Corazon - The Tango Album
Todo Corazon - The Tango Album
 Artist: Mark Weinstein
 Album: Todo Corazon - The Tango Album
 Date of Release: 2013/02/12
 Label: Jazzheads
 Cat. No.: JH1198
 Country of Release: US
 Genre/s: 1. Jazz
2. World

 Sub-Genre/s: 1. Jazz Tango, Contemporary, World
2. Latin, Tango
 Type: Studio
   Time: 50:11
   Date of Review: 2013/01/30
   Web Site:
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Todo Corazon - The Tango Album

To be released on 12th February on Jazzheads, Todo Corazon - The Tango Album is Mark Weinstein's ninth release for this prestigious jazz label.

By way of a preamble, as it were, I feel compelled to note the following. It is curious to note how two great jazz musicians, both very much belonging with the giants of the past, one in the States, Mark Weinstein, and one in Britain, Gilad Atzmon (review to go live app. a week after this), one a jazz flautist, the other primarily known for his alto and soprano sax and clarinet, both fierce, fiery improvisers, both from totally different musical backgrounds and with totally different styles and approaches, are releasing albums within a few short weeks of each other that have so much in common, in spite of taking entirely different directions. Fundamentally, and most strikingly, both albums mark a fairly radical departure from each of the artists' usual directions and styles, and have both venturing well outside of their 'comfort zones.' Both albums are about heart, and beauty, and seem to question the soullessness of our modern world. Both almost force the listener to stop everything and listen to a more serene, sublime sound, to listen to their heart, each in its own different way of course. This is, perhaps, where the similarities end...

With Todo Corazon, Weinstein, and collaborator and bassist Pablo Aslan, have come up with an album that is distinct from the crop of 'me too' jazz tango albums (excellent though some of them are!) of the last couple of years. Rather, this harkens back to the 'tango a la parilla' (lit., Tango on the grill) in part, and for the rest is more like jazz-inspired improvs to tango than tango jazz. It has to be noted here that Aslan, a several times Grammy and Latin Grammy nominee and a leading light of jazz tango as well as tango a la parilla, could hardly have chosen a better selection of tangos, going right back to some of the oldest classics and going right up to the modern Tango Nuevo of Ástor Piazzolla. Aslan's arrangements are also flawless and imaginative. The two ensembles reflect those of classic tango and classic Tango Nuevo. The first part of the recording of Todo Corazon was made with an ensemble of piano - Abel Rogantini, bandoneón - Grammy winner and bandoneónista extraordinaire (playing with Piazzolla at the Montreux Jazz Festival in 1986) Raúl Jaurena, and guitar - Francisco Navarro, in addition to Weinstein's concert, alto and bass flutes and Aslan's bass. The second part omitted piano and bandoneón, and this trio is not only more intimate but also reflects the early tango ensembles of flute, violin and guitar.

In the early stages of this project a couple of years ago or so, Weinstein confided that he felt he would feel happier with just guitar and bass. As always, his instinct has been unfailing and proved him right. The trio tracks are much freer, much more relaxed than the quintet ones. However, this is by no means to say that the quintet tracks are in any way lesser ones. All are equally outstanding, just different in flavour and quality. Weinstein need not have worried.

Stepping so far outside of his comfort zone of straight-ahead jazz, Afro-Cuban and Brazilian jazz, and into the realm of the tango, was a very courageous step for Weinstein to take. And he has handled it masterfully and made it work beautifully. He stepped right into this new-to-him territory of tango and succeeded in not merely 'getting into it' but indeed making it his own. The result is, in many ways, perhaps Weinstein's most beautiful, lyrical, romantic album to date.

Todo Corazon (named after the track, Todo Corazón) is exactly that - all heart, all romance and beauty. It pulls at the heart strings like no other Weinstein album has before. It is a remarkable album in more ways than you could easily shake a stick at, not least for the absence of percussion, which must have made the adjustment doubly challenging for a hardened jazz musician like Weinstein. Yet, at the same time this absence of percussion has also freed Weinstein to extend more into the lower registers of his flutes, a glory in itself with Weinstein's rich, warm, distinctive voice and style akin to a sax player. Grisel, one of the most romantic songs among romantic songs here, is the most beautiful bass flute yet heard, and bear in mind here the particular difficulties of the bass flute. Throughout Todo Corazon, Weinstein's flutes sing as they have not sung before, are given full head to be heard with a freedom that they are seldom allowed. All heart, indeed!

The band, whether in quintet or trio format, could also hardly be bettered, and Weinstein lets them carry the tangos and plays off them. Aslan is probably the most outstanding bass player of our time in the tango and jazz tango worlds, his own quintet one of the very finest in this sphere. Jaurena should hardly need introduction or comment as one of the leading bandoneónistas of our age. Rogantini and Navarro, on piano and guitar respectively, could not be finer either.

Step back and stop, and just listen to this serene and sublime music, and let the romance and beauty take you. Everything else is just so many words. And noise.

Mark Weinstein's Todo Corazon is an outstanding work of serene beauty and the passion of the tango. All heart. It is, to put it simply, an album to die for and an absolute must have!

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Track List:

 1. La Viruta (V. Greco) - 4:41
 2. Los Mareados (J.C. Cobian & E. Cadicamo) - 6:17
 3. Mi Refugio (J.C. Cobian) - 5:53
 4. Onda Nueve (A. Piazzolla) - 6:33
 5. Cristal (M. Mores & J.M. Contursi) - 5:58
 6. Nostalgias (J.C. Cobian & E. Cadicamo) - 6:08
 7. Todo Corazón (J. De Caro & J.M. Ruffet) - 5:49
 8. Grisel (M. Mores & J.M. Contursi) - 4:33
 9. El Llorón (J. Maglio & E. Cadicamo) - 4:13

All arrangements by Pablo Aslan

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Mark Weinstein - concert, alto and bass flutes
Abel Rogantini - piano
Raúl Jaurena - bandoneón
Francisco Navarro - guitar
Pablo Aslan - bass


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