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Review: Terryazoome - Xana
Album Cover - Xana
 Artist: Terryazoome
 Album: Xana
 Date of Release: 2012
 Label: WMP
 Cat. No.: WMP0112CD
 Country of Release: UK
 Genre/s: 1. Jazz
2. World

 Sub-Genre/s: 1. World
2. World Jazz
 Type: Studio
   Time: 49:05
   Date of Review: 2012/05/10
   Web Site:
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Recently released on the WMP label, Terryazoome's Xana is the band's debut in this its fourth incarnation.

As delightfully unclassifiable as the best of them, Terryazoome's music could be vaguely described as Greco Afro Latin world jazz, with the emphasis on 'world' if you need some sort of reference label. Greek and Afro Latin tend to be the anchor point, but the music traverses much wider territory. And there are definite jazz elements especially in the improvisations, with saxophonist Diane McLoughlin, bassist Alison Rayner and one of Britain's best renowned drummers Winston Clifford all coming from jazz backgrounds. The line-up is completed by leader Terry Hunt on guitar and bouzouki with a long history in world music, and Greek lead bouzouki player Angelos Georgakis. But ultimately, you really cannot tie this music down.

All eight highly enjoyable, laid back - exuberant tracks on Xana were penned by leader Terry Hunt. Two of these are songs featuring guest vocalists Lorraine Jordan and Keti Tanou. Former members Michael Minas on bouzouki and baclama and Simon Pearson on drums are also featured.

The ensemble playing is nothing short of excellent, while the soloing particularly by Rayner, McLoughlin and Clifford is outstanding especially from a jazz perspective. The latter's solo on An Evening With Chris & Chrys particularly is as subtle, exciting and colourful as anything you will hear. But it is the guitar and bouzouki work from Hunt and Georgakis that often adds the real sparkle and sets the music alight.

Consistent throughout, Xana is much more than compelling. This delightful, beautiful album easily bears repeated listening, and although its style is as noted laid back yet at the same time exuberant, for the most part it is also quite danceable. The jazz / world music mix (with some cabaret thrown in for good measure) works superbly and this album is just a highly enjoyable listen. Forget about 'genres' and just enjoy!

I would not want to part with Terryazoome's Xana and consider it a must have for any world music enthusiast. Jazz lovers might also find it of interest and a delight to listen to. Although distribution at the time of writing is still limited, this should improve shortly. Go for it anyway!

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Track List:

 1. The Dalbeattie Lion & The Istan-Bull (Instr) - 6:27
 2. Summer Friends (Song) - 4:25
 3. Where Do We Go From Here? (Instr) - 4:38
 4. An Evening With Chris & Chrys (Instr) - 9:06
 5. You Think (Song) - 5:11
 6. No Going Back (Instr) - 5:44
 7. Where’s My Kiss? (AKA The Oakwood Hybrid) (Instr) - 7:24
 8. Subliminal Suggestion (Instr) - 6:05

All tracks Terry Hunt

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Alison Rayner - bass
Angelos Georgakis - bouzouki
Diane McLoughlin - saxophone
Terry Hunt - bouzouki & guitar
Winston Clifford - drums

Also feat.
Michael Minas - bouzouki & baclama
Simon Pearson - drums

Guest performers
Lorraine Jordan - vocals
Keti Tanou - vocals


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