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Review: Danny Spooner - Brave Bold Boys


Album Cover - Brave Bold Boys
Brave Bold Boys
 Artist: Danny Spooner
 Album: Brave Bold Boys
 Date of Release: 2008
 Label: Pvt. Release
 Cat. No.: DS010
 Country of Release: AU
 Genre/s: World | Folk | English, Anglo, Scottish, Irish, Australian

 Sub-Genre/s: Hero Songs
 Type: Studio
   Time: 55:51
   Date of Review: 2010/08/29
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   Web Site:

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Brave Bold Boys

Released in 2008, Brave Bold Boys is folk legend Danny Spooner's collection of songs principally about folk and popular heroes (or, at any rate, a tiny excerpt from his vast repertoire of such songs) of all kinds. A brave bold boy himself - and sure to be the subject of some kind of ballad himself one of these days - Spooner has selected songs from the British Isles as well as Australia, some going back to the 17th century, others quite recent.

This selection of material is a splendid one indeed. Brave Bold Boys bristles with tragedy and sadness and tales of hardship, but also of life's little joys and pleasures. Spooner brings these songs to life with his customary and legendary storytelling ability as well as with his charismatic and powerful yet sensitive vocals, accompanying himself on English concertina and guitar. This is an authentic voice of authority, and Spooner grips the listener from the start and never lets go, weaving his spellbinding magic and utterly captivating the listener. Thanks to his ever perfect diction, the stories are easy to follow.

The latter not withstanding, there are full lyrics as well as Danny Spooner's excellent annotations for each song in the excellent sleeve notes.

Brave Bold Boys is a totally compelling as well as enchanting album, and thoroughly consistent. To pick a particular favourite track would be as futile as trying to pick a favourite Spooner album - every one's a favourite. Brave Bold Boys is a real gem of an album that speaks to the heart from the heart. Often deeply moving, sometimes amusing, these songs have a haunting beauty.

Past essential in any collection of general anglophone folk song as well as of heroically-themed songs, Danny Spooner's Brave Bold Boys should also not be missing from any good general folk collection.

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Track List:

 1. Bold Thady Quill - 3:25
 2. The Foggy Dew - 2:57
 3. Nothing’s Had Without Money - 4:45
 4. Marlborough - 3:17
 5. Our Jack - 3:50
 6. Brown Adam - 4:45
 7. Joseph Baker - 3:32
 8. Lord Willoughby - 2:48
 9. John O ’Grinfilt - 2:56
10. Johnny Stewart, Drover - 4:48
11. John Maclean’s March - 3:04
12. The Banks of the Bann - 3:39
13. The Streets Of Forbes - 3:40
14. John Ball - 2:30
15. As I Came In By Fisherrow - 1:30
16. Thornaby Woods - 4:25

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Danny Spooner - vocals, English concertina, guitar


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