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Review: Juan María Solare - Tango Monologues
Album Cover - Tango Monologues
Tango Monologues
 Artist: Juan María Solare
 Album: Tango Monologues
 Date of Release: 2010
 Label: Pvt.
 Cat. No.:  
 Country of Release: GER
 Genre/s: 1. Classical
2. World | South American

 Sub-Genre/s: 1. Contemporary, Argentinean, Tango
2. Argentinean, Tango
 Type: Studio
   Time: 79:22
   Date of Review: 2013/03/11
   Web Site:
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Tango Monologues

Juan María Solare's Tango Monologues was released in 2010. An accomplished pianist, Argentinean Solare is based in Germany where he is a university conductor, pianist, composer and teacher of tango. Tango Monologues, as the title might suggest, is a solo piano recording.

Featuring no less than twenty classic tangos going right back to the early days of tango as well as modern composers, including of course the inevitable Ástor Piazzolla, and original compositions by Solare himself, Tango Monologues is very much on the classical side of the 'genre.' For added spice, Solare interprets especially the first three classic compositions with a liberal touch of syncopation that brings these as much into the world of ragtime as tango, and the effect is absolutely delightful and refreshing.

Solare's own compositions are excellent. Fragmentango is particularly original and consists of eight short fragments, the longest ones taking up a full two bars, of slightly varying tempi, that can be played in any order and by any number of pianists. What is more, each pianist can play the fragments in a completely different sequence, and the dynamics are left to the pianist. Here, Solare plays it on four multi-tracked pianos. This is a distinctly modern piece, and it is perhaps not always easy to see, or rather hear, the tango connection, but it is altogether astonishing, even breath-taking in its vision, and works surprisingly and supremely well.

The ratio of classic tangos to Solare originals seems balanced at eight to twelve. However, one might perhaps have wished for the inclusion of more than just one Piazzolla composition and one or two of the most highly regarded contemporary composers such as Luis Borda. At nearly eighty minutes, Tango Monologues might also, at first, seem a touch overly long. However, the quality of the music and the performance quickly dispels any such perception, and the album seems to finish all too soon.

Consistency cannot be in question here, and Tango Monologues is utterly riveting, even mesmerising. It is an exquisite album and a delightful, engrossing listen.

Juan María Solare's Tango Monologues may have a predominant appeal to the aficionado of contemporary classical music, but should also be of interest to the general tango connoisseur and even the 'world music' fan. The only pity is that at present this album lacks wider distribution/easier availability.

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Track List:

 1. Danzarín (ca. 1960) Julián Plaza (1928-2003) - 3:40
 2. Malena (1941) Lucio Demare (1906-1974) - 3:51
 3. Bahía Blanca (1940) Carlos Di Sarli (El Señor del Tango, 1903-1960) - 2:19
 4. Pasaje Seaver (2001) Juan María Solare (* 1966) - 7:44
 5. Valsarín (2005) Juan María Solare (* 1966) - 2:59
 6. Tengo un tango (2004) Juan María Solare (* 1966) - 5:57
 7. Para Lisa (2003) Juan María Solare (* 1966) - 2:37
 8. Bandoneón Arrabalero (1928) Juan Bautista Deambroggio (1890-1963) - 2:07
 9. Lo que se fue (2001) Jorge Pítari (* 1943) - 4:28
10. Milonga fría (2005) (tango electroacústico) Juan María Solare (* 1966) - 6:54
11. Atonalgotán (de/aus Mois de pèlerinage, 2002) Juan María Solare (* 1966) - 1:50
12. Fragmentango (2002) (4 pianos, overdubbing) Juan María Solare (* 1966) - 3:12
13. Akemilonga (2003) Juan María Solare (* 1966) - 1:31
14. Niebla del Riachuelo (1937) Juan Carlos Cobián (1896-1953) - 4:15
15. La puñalada (ca. 1920) Horacio "Pintín" Castellanos (1905-1983) - 4:04
16. Calambre (1961) Ástor Piazzolla (1921-1992) - 2:43
17. Liebergmilonga (2004) Juan María Solare (* 1966) - 7:29
18. Talismán (2005) Juan María Solare (* 1966) - 2:56
19. Furor (2008) Juan María Solare (* 1966) - 3:31
20. Reencuentro (2008) Juan María Solare (* 1966) - 5:04

All arrangements Juan María Solare

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Juan María Solare - piano


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