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Album Cover - Everyday Salama
Everyday Salama
 Artist: Sarazino
 Album: Everyday Salama
 Date of Release: 2012/05/22
 Label: Cumbancha
 Cat. No.: CMB-CD-24
 Country of Release: US
 Genre/s: World

 Sub-Genre/s: Word Beat, Latin, Fusion, Contemporary
 Type: Studio
   Time: 59:09
   Date of Review: 2011/06/23
   Web Site:

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Everyday Salama

Sarazino's latest offering, Everyday Salama, was released on 22nd May on the Cumbancha label. For this release, he has assembled a host of special guests, including Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars, Brazilian Girls' Sabina Sciubba, Rootz Underground and many more.

What do you get when you throw Sarazino - born in Algeria, brought up in a variety of West African countries, educated in Montreal, Canada, and now living in Ecuador - Latin and hip-hop grooves, rai, reggae and a pinch of funk, into a pot with his various and varied special guests? One hell of an musical explosion of some of the most vibrant, hot tracks heard for a while!

Everyday Salama is quite simply the most enjoyable album that's come onto the world music/word beat scene lately. This mix is hot and spicy, and totally addictive! Impossible to stop playing, it leaves you craving more. And more. There is some fine old-skool reggae that could almost have come straight out of Jamaica in the 1970s, some great rai, fabulous Latin grooves, and more. Better keep your dancing shoes handy, this stuff is incredibly infectious.

The music is an intuitive, imaginative and innovative blend of a variety of styles that comes off superbly. The result is joyous and joyful, incredibly vibrant and just plain stunning.

From the first to the last track, this album is totally consistent and it would be impossible to pick a single favourite here. Everyday Salama is far more than merely compelling, it is, rather, as noted totally addictive. It has a magic all its own that simply blows one's socks off.

Sarazino's Everyday Salama is, at the very least for the dedicated world beat/world music aficionado, an absolute must have. Beg, steal, borrow, or preferably buy!

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Track List:

 1. El Fugitivo - Sarazino feat. Amparo Sanche - 4:02
 2. Caminaré Por Babylon - Sarazino feat. Bacho Ortiz - 3:46
 3. Lunes Vudu - Sarazino feat. Rootz Underground - 3:55
 4. Es Mi Momento - Sarazino feat. Niyo Pumpin - 3:40
 5. Everyday Salama - Sarazino feat. Sabina Sciubba - 3:48
 6. En Latinoamerica - Sarazino feat. Niyo Pumpin - 3:59
 7. Vagaré (C'est Toi Ma Vie) - Sarazino feat. Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars - 4:27
 8. Es La Vida - Sarazino feat. Novalima - 4:12
 9. Quiero - Sarazino feat. D'Callaos - 3:27
10. Pelo Shao - Sarazino feat. Andrea Ruilova - 3:33
11. Sigueme Déjalo - Sarazino feat. Luísa Maita - 3:27
12. Malena - Sarazino feat. Isídro Garcia - 4:02
13. Contigo Lola - Sarazino - 4:06
14. Si Nos Descuidamos - Sarazino feat. Niyo Pumpin - 3:47
15. Africa Viva - Sarazino feat. Andrea Ruilova - 4:50

All compositions Sarazino

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