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Review: Francesca Romana - Travelling (EP)
Album Cover - Travelling
 Artist: Francesca Romana
 Album: Travelling
 Date of Release: 2012/01
 Label: Pvt.
 Cat. No.:  
 Other: EP
 Country of Release: IT
 Genre/s: Singer-Songwriter

 Sub-Genre/s: Contemporary, Bossa, Folk, Jazz
 Type: Studio
   Time: 29:17
   Date of Review: 2013/08/17
   Web Site:
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Francesca Romana's Travelling EP was released in January 2012.

Ms. Romana is an Italian singer-songwriter guitarist and recorded this EP in London. My first thought upon hearing Travelling was, 'Heavens! Why haven't I heard this before?' My second thought was, 'What a sense of Déjà vu!' Not, of course, in the sense of this music having come from somewhere else. No, just a pleasant kind of déjà vu feeling, of being reminded of things long forgotten... (Asaf Sirkis' 'Shepherd's Stories Effect' - see my interview with Sirkis for an explanation.)

Then, on second listen, I thought again, 'Why haven't I heard this before?' Romana has a sultry, seductive voice that is ideally suited to her material, a delightful blend of bossa, folk and jazz with Italianate inflections, with the trumpet occasionally lending a pleasant kind of Tijuana flavour. The music is at once impassioned and cool, just the thing to chill out with. It is a pity this is an (albeit generous half hour) EP, I would have loved to hear a lot more, an hour-long album say. It's hard to get enough of Travelling and Ms. Romana. And yes, we ought to have heard much more of Ms. Romana and her wonderful music already, although she has already performed at some of London's better venues such as The Spice of Life, Oliver's Jazz Bar and others.

The title seems very apt, given the journeys from folk to bossa to jazz and back again, although there is considerable overlap.

The songs on Travelling, all originals, have Italian as well as English lyrics. The musicians accompanying Romana, all excellent, include outstanding, well-known guitarist Francesco Lo Castro - no stranger to either the London scene or this site - whose style is immediately identifiable, and outstanding trumpeter Nick Walters. The arrangements are generally jazzy, with good use of improvisation for good measure.

Totally consistent throughout, Travelling will seduce you and keep you completely spellbound. Once you play it, you may find, like me, that you cannot stop. A beautiful album that is just perfect for chilling with and as irresistible as it is impossible to tire of.

Francesca Romana's Travelling has very wide appeal, from the singer-songwriter to the bossa connoisseur, and the contemporary folk and even general 'world music' aficionado. A must hear, must have.

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Track List:

 1. A Blue Flower - 4:18
 2. K. - 5:41
 3. Off Site - 4:01
 4. Le Solitudini - 5:26
 5. You Got Me - 4:23
 6. The Fisherman - 5:10

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Francesca Romana – vocals, nylon string guitar
Nick Walters – trumpet
Francesco Lo Castro – nylon and steel string guitars
Gerry Hunt – steel string guitar
Tom Jackson – sax
Jack Lowe – double bass
Carlos Fuentes – drums
Federico Rios – percussion

All songs written and performed by Francesca Romana


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