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Review: Random Touch - Reverberating Apparatus


Album Cover - Reverberating Apparatus
Reverberating Apparatus
 Artist: Random Touch
 Album: Reverberating Apparatus
 Date of Release: 2010/01/01
 Label: Token Boy Records
 Cat. No.: TBR53833
 Country of Release: US
 Genre/s: Experimental, Avant Garde

 Sub-Genre/s: Accidental, Random
 Type: Studio
   Time: 52:36
   Date of Review: 2010/10/27
   Web Site:
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Reverberating Apparatus

Random Touch's most recent album, Reverberating Apparatus was released on 1st January this year.

Comprising Scott Hamill, guitars, James Day, keyboards, and Christopher Brown, drums and vocals, Random Touch come from the avant garde experimental side of things. They describe their music as accidental.

Is this still music, one might ask. Well, if the definition is the presence of some kind of rhythm and/or melody, then yes, Random Touch and Reverberating Apparatus certainly qualify, even if, debatably, by a fairly narrow margin. Is this aesthetically pleasing or beautiful music? Decidedly not, except perhaps by the most twisted of definitions. Is this easily accessible music? Again, a definite no has to be the answer. Is this still good music? Here things get extremely debatable.

Out of the twelve tracks, perhaps the most accessible and most "musical" one is Threshold.

Nevertheless, the album somehow has a somewhat filmic feel to it and could well be the soundtrack to a darker film noire or science fiction movie, or indeed experimental film. A kind of vaguely rock-based Louis and Bebe Barron (e.g., Forbidden Planet) kind of thing, you might say. And who today would dare write off the Barrons, perhaps the greatest pioneers of electronic music?

I'm sure Random Touch's Reverberating Apparatus will be much appreciated by aficionados of broadly avant garde/experimental/accidental music and those with an interest in its more filmic aspects. And it does, strangely, grow on you...

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Track List:

 1. Home For Twilight - 9:06
 2. Before The Beginning - 4:26
 3. Apparitions Of Revelry - 2:15
 4. Benevolent Outcomes - 2:46
 5. Fred Astaire-ing - 5:17
 6. Purloining The Memo - 5:36
 7. Approaching The Cusp - 4:54
 8. Fire Tending - 3:29
 9. Danger - 3:52
10. Threshold - 4:35
11. Re-Membering - 5:09
12. Gotta Go - 1:05

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Scott Hamill - guitars
James Day - keyboards
Christopher Brown - drums & vocals


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