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Review: Maciek Pysz Trio - Discoveries
Cover - Discoveries
 Artist: Maciek Pysz Trio
 Album: Discoveries (EP)
 Date of Release: 2008/11
 Label: Maciek Music
 Cat. No.:  
 Country of Release: UK
 Genre/s: Jazz

 Sub-Genre/s: Contemporary, World Jazz, Post-Bop
 Type: Studio
   Time: 20:48
   Date of Review: 2011/11/08
   Web Site:
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Released in late 2008, Maciek Pysz's EP Discoveries could be termed an early experiment. Yet, although different stylistically as well as in line-up from his present quartet/trio, this almost mesmerising EP remains a valid musical statement.

There is an incredible charm about all of these three tracks, and one feels compelled to play them repeatedly. Pysz is already well on his way to his strongly 'ethnic,' world roots leaning style here. There are influences from tango, Flamenco, and other Latin styles that make themselves felt prominently at times. Other influences are also hinted at. But above all, the music is inspirational and inspired, seeming to come out of the creative unconscious rather than out of conscious ideas. This is music of the heart, laden with rich emotion, rather than music of the cold intellect, music that speaks to the heart. And eloquently so, too.

Pysz's guitar is already exquisite, with a combination of enormous talent, virtuosity and passion as well as a deep sensitivity. He is very capably and excellently joined on Discoveries by Dado Pasqualini on percussion and Jerelle Jacob on double bass.

With three relatively brief tracks of a duration of approximately half a short-ish album, it is difficult to speak of consistency - but yes, consistent, cohesive they certainly are. And for an EP of this length, unbelievably compelling, even mesmerising. Think of Discoveries as precisely that - amazing, beautiful, charming discoveries.

The music on Maciek Pysz's Discoveries is very hard to get out of one's head, as is Pysz's already distinct guitar voice. Grab this EP while you still can - it certainly is a treasured addition to my own jazz library. It's 'early Pysz,' if you like, but more than worthwhile in its own right.

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Track List:

 1. Under The Sky - 7:22
 2. The Things I Miss - 7:04
 3. Dedication - 6:20

All tracks by Maciek Pysz

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Maciek Pysz - guitar
Dado Pasqualini - drums, percussion
Jerelle Jacob - double bass


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