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Review: Marvin B. Naylor - The Stargazer's Symphonium
Album Cover - The Stargazer's Symphonium
The Stargazer's Symphonium
 Artist: Marvin B. Naylor
 Album: The Stargazer's Symphonium
 Date of Release: 2011/09
 Label: Barcarolle Records / Folkwit
 Cat. No.: BARC 004
 Country of Release: UK
 Genre/s: Singer-songwriter

 Sub-Genre/s: Contemporary
 Type: Studio
   Time: 48:31
   Date of Review: 2012/12/16
   Web Site:,
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The Stargazer's Symphonium

Marvin B. Naylor's The Stargazer's Symphonium was released in September 2011 on Barcarolle Records and is distributed by Folkwit. Apart from some additional percussion provided by Gary J. Brady, all instruments are played by Naylor himself, who mainly, and exquisitely, concentrates on 12-string guitar.

The Stargazer's Symphonium falls into the singer-songwriter category, albeit with a difference. When I first started listening to this album, it came as a rude but hugely pleasant shock and almost made me spill my coffee! And although I had other reviews to get on with urgently, I just could not resist listening a few times first.

Deeply rooted in the classic rock and pop of the late 1960s - the Floyd and Scott Walker especially spring to mind, as well as shades of The Kinks, psychedelia and early prog rock - but all the same, in a more modern idiom, Naylor comes up with a style that's still all his own. Add to that a pleasant voice and some great 12-string playing, and you have an outstanding album that instantly grabs your attention.

All ten songs are Naylor originals that are hard to fault and varied in subject and mood. They are decidedly not pop, and are not even anywhere near the mainstream. Little Speck Of Blue and Boy Became A Man were already released as singles, apparently quite successfully so. However, I would add that every single track on The Stargazer's Symphonium is easily worth the price of admission.

This album is just a joy, and beautifully executed too. Imaginative, original, a fantastic listen. The cover art is as imaginative as the songs. There's little one can say about as outstanding and enjoyable an album as this without getting repetitive or falling into cliches.

Wonderfully consistent, The Stargazer's Symphonium is a drug - totally addictive, irresistible, not merely compelling. Naylor and his music are utterly irrepressible and as fresh as they are refreshing. Enjoy the journey - it's the journey itself, not the getting there, that's the fun. Marvin B. Naylor is a name we ought to, and surely will, hear a lot more of. For chris sake's Mr. Naylor, move to or nearer London and get onto the London circuit!

Meanwhile, Marvin B. Naylor's The Stargazer's Symphonium is a must have for any singer-songwriter as well as 12-string guitar aficionado. And the album's appeal surely extends much more widely, too. Buy it already, for goodness' sake!

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Track List:

 1. Little Speck of Blue - 3:41
 2. The Nightingales - 5:58
 3. Boy Became a Man - 3:40
 4. A Flash! Within a Moment - 6:38
 5. Blue By You - 3:32
 6. Carousel! - 5:18
 7. 'Til Death . . . - 4:26
 8. Just Things - 4:52
 9. The Garden of Zelovely - 4:42
10. No Thankful Village - 5:37

All songs by Marvin B. Naylor
Carousel! - 'The sky goes all the way home' by Claire Franklin
Just Things - 'Poems are made by fools like me, but only God can make a tree' from 'Trees' (1913) by Alfred Joyce Kilmer (1886-1918)
A Thankful Village was one which had lost no men in The Great War. There are 52 Thankful Villages in England and Wales.

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Marvin B. Naylor - vocals, 12-string guitars and all other instruments
Gary J. Brady - additional percussion


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