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Review: Maurizio Minardi - My Piano Trio
Album Cover - My Piano Trio
My Piano Trio
 Artist: Maurizio Minardi
 Album: My Piano Trio
 Date of Release: 2012/02
 Label: Belfagor Label
 Cat. No.: MM10
 Country of Release: UK
 Genre/s: Jazz

 Sub-Genre/s: Contemporary, Post-bop, Crossover
 Type: Studio
   Time: 41:29
   Date of Review: 2012/08/19
   Web Site:
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My Piano Trio

Maurizio Minardi's latest recording project, My Piano Trio was released in February this year on Belfagor Label. It was recorded with two different line-ups, one being with Jason Reeve on drums and Nick Pini on bass, recorded in London, the other with Roberto Rossi on drums and Felice Del Glaudio on bass, recorded in Bologna, Italy.

Both trios are of equal calibre, and indeed you would be very hard put to tell them apart on this album. The calibre being, of course, most excellent indeed. Not that you would expect anything less from Minardi, who has long established himself as one of the finest pianists on, and a great enrichment to and asset of the British jazz scene and beyond. Both ensemble playing and soloing are simply a dream.

I am sorely tempted to call My Piano Trio an album of neo-baroque jazz - in the nicest way possible, that is. However, this would not be doing justice to Minardi and this most exquisite album. Other influences make their presence felt strongly too, in particular tango and jazz tango, with touches of rumba, impressionism, and more. My Piano Trio is a beautiful, natural, unforced kind of fusion that really deliciously defies pigeon-holing. Magritte, for example, although the title seems to also reference one of Minardi's other, jazz tango, ensembles, seems to beautifully follow the surrealist principle of incongruity. You might, from the previous sentence, assume that this piece has predominant jazz tango leanings. Not so. The dominant feel of this piece is somewhat impressionist, reminding of the music of Debussy or Ravel, or the paintings of Degas, while of course Magritte was a surrealist painter. A further surrealist reference might be the title Breton, which could refer to surrealist poet André Breton and certainly seems to.

As one might almost expect with an album of this kind, all pieces are original Minardi compositions, and superb they are, too, of course. It would be very hard to find fault with them.

It is very difficult to say much about an album of this quality without sounding decidedly trite. To even mention consistency is wholly unnecessary, and as for being compelling, My Piano Trio is far beyond that, it is completely mesmerising, putting one under an irresistible spell. Its magnetism cannot be overcome, it is futile to even try. But who would want to? One just wants to hear this exquisite, beautiful, brilliant music over and over again. Even completely disregarding my admitted love of the piano trio, My Piano Trio is music to seriously, hopelessly fall in love with. And it's my piano trio, you can't have it!

But all the same, Maurizio Minardi's superb, even stunning My Piano Trio is an absolute must have for any jazz piano trio, and for that matter, any serious jazz connoisseur. It will without doubt also appeal to the baroque/classical music lover with an open mind. Or anyone with an open mind. So go and buy it then!

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Track List:

 1. Shiny* - 3:17
 2. Poppies* - 4:05
 3. Einaudito** - 4:47
 4. Perludio* - 4:55
 5. Clapham Park** - 3:37
 6. Canicola** - 3:52
 7. Magritte** - 5:16
 8. Tulipano Nero** - 3:34
 9. Breton** - 4:32

Bonus Track
10. Magritte (remix)** - 3:14

All tracks Maurizio Minardi

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Maurizio Minardi - piano

Jason Reeve - drums
Nick Pini - double bass

Roberto Rossi - drums
Felice Del Glaudio - double bass


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