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Review: Elizabeth McCall - Two Different Paths
Album Cover - Two Different Paths
Two Different Paths
 Artist: Elizabeth McCall
 Album: Two Different Paths
 Date of Release: 2013/02/06
 Label: Pvt.
 Cat. No.:  
 Country of Release: UK
 Genre/s: Singer-Songwriter

 Sub-Genre/s: Contemporary
 Type: Studio
   Time: 35:57
   Date of Review: 2013/03/26
   Web Site:
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Two Different Paths

Elizabeth McCall's Two Different Paths was released on 6th February, initially digitally only although a CD will almost certainly follow.

Ms. McCall, on vocals and piano, is joined here by violin/string wizard Julian Ferraretto, and on selected tracks by Andy Hamill on double bass, electric bass and cello, Sam Willoughby on guitar, Justin Woodward on drums, marimba and trombone, Terl Bryant on drums/percussion, Dan Teper on accordion and Rob Updegraff on guitar. Now that is quite a formidable line-up to begin with. All the songs are original compositions by McCall and are of an openness and warmth that is immediately charming and endearing.

About the first thing to strike one about Two Different Paths is a certain resemblance at times of McCall's vocals and vocal style to both Maddy Prior and Kate Bush, though her operatic experience also shows prominently. This is a far from unpleasant surprise, rather, it is a delight in itself and meant as a huge compliment. The music itself reminds of neither Steeleye Span nor Kate Bush. Well, perhaps just occasionally of the latter. On the whole, it rather is pure McCall. A rather superior modern singer-songwriter style with heavy influences of folk and a touch of jazz here and there for good measure. With some outstanding string arrangements by Ferraretto, as well.

Two Different Paths is a striking, even stunning album. Upon first listen, I felt myself utterly compelled to go on and play it a second time straight away. And then, a third time. Just for the pleasure of it, and the surprise.

Thoroughly consistent throughout, Two Different Paths possesses a kind of charm and magic that is far more than compelling. It is a gorgeous album that one will want to hear again and again. At just under thirty-six minutes, it may be short and sweet but it is so enjoyable it more than makes up for this. And every single song alone is worth the price of admission. Flawless vocals and hauntingly beautiful songs, what more could you ask for? For a debut album, this is almost outrageously brilliant.

Elizabeth McCall's Two Different Paths is a must have for anybody who likes a good song, let alone the singer-songwriter, folk or world music aficionado.

If there is one regret, and a huge one at that, it is that Ms. McCall and husband Ferraretto have moved back to Oz, a great loss for the UK.

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Track List:

 1. Two Different Paths - 3:29
 2. Magic Tricks - 3:25
 3. Take Me to London - 4:05
 4. Note to Self for Bad Days - 2:45
 5. I See You - 4:20
 6. Hold Me Now - 3:54
 7. There's a Place That I Go in My Mind - 3:03
 8. Something Beyond This - 4:07
 9. The Letter - 2:49
10. Two Realities - 4:17

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Elizabeth McCall – lead vocals, piano, backing vocals
Julian Ferraretto – violins, viola, chin cello, saw, mandolin, trombone, backing vocals
Andy Hamill – double bass, electric bass (8) , cello (3)
Sam Willoughby – guitar (2, 4, 7)
Justin Woodward – drums (2, 4), marimba (5), trombone (4)
Terl Bryant – drums/ percussion (1, 5, 7)
Dan Teper – accordion (1)
Rob Updegraff – guitar (8)

All songs written and performed by Elizabeth McCall
String arrangements by Julian Ferraretto


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