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Review: Dominic J. Marshall Trio - Icaros
Album Cover - Icaros
 Artist: Dominic J. Marshall Trio
 Album: Icaros
 Date of Release: 2012/09/10
 Label: F-IRE Presents
 Cat. No.: F-IRECD62
 Country of Release: UK
 Genre/s: Jazz

 Sub-Genre/s: Contemporary, Post-bop
 Type: Studio
   Time: 72:17
   Date of Review: 2012/09/10
   Web Site:
   Sample Track

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Released today on the prestigious F-IRE label's F-IRE Presents series, the Dominic J. Marshall Trio's Icaros is the young British composer/pianist's second studio release. Here, Marshall is joined by the Dutch rhythm section of Tobias Nijboer on double bass and Kaspars Kurdeko on drums.

In a year with an already unusually, wonderfully rich crop of piano trio releases on the UK scene by both established masters of the form as well as young turks, how do Marshall and his trio fare? The short answer has to be, very well. They make for a very tight outfit, with superb ensemble playing and soloing. Indeed, Icaros sounds like a surprisingly mature and empathic effort.

The ten tracks are all Marshall originals, and solid, appealing compositions every one. They give rise to some equally appealing, often even remarkable, improvs. Icaros is a very satisfyingly long album at just over seventy-two minutes, and the individual tracks are also of a satisfying, fairly beefy duration. What is more, both the tracks and the album as a whole manage to hold the interest throughout, things never get even a touch tedious. On the contrary, there is plenty of interest, even excitement, to keep one riveted. Marshall in particular is often playing on the edge, and taking one there with him with his imaginative, inventive and intuitive-sounding music and a gentle swing.

Icaros is a superbly enjoyable listen, and demonstrates that it is high time for Marshall to relocate back to Britain. (Plans for a tour are in progress, at least.) There certainly always is room for such talent. A well crafted album, this is contemporary jazz that is both accessible and cerebral.

A totally consistent album, Icaros is also more than just compelling. A riveting album that easily holds the attention, nay fascinates even, and demands repeated playing, it is a delight. Beautiful music, beautifully played.

The artwork of the thankfully increasingly popular digipak is also worthy of note. Consisting of broadly rainforest-inspired motifs, it certainly makes purchase of the CD (over digital download) not only even more worthwhile but practically mandatory. This broadly also matches the inspiration behind the title - Icaros, apparently, is a word in Amazonian languages used to describe the healing songs and chants of shamans. Music is a great healer, and so the title seems entirely congruous.

The Dominic J. Marshall Trio's Icaros is surely a must have for any piano trio connoisseur, and should be of major interest to any true contemporary jazz aficionado, and beyond. I certainly would not part with it.

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Track List:

 1. Loose in Your Atmosphere - 5:24
 2. Pointer - 7:39
 3. Smile for Us - 8:29
 4. Sphere - 7:05
 5. Ojos de la Pastora - 9:32
 6. Makarska - 6:57
 7. The Way of the Dinosaurs - 6:40
 8. Alongside Aliens - 6:55
 9. No Umbrella - 6:16
10. The Basement - 7:14

All tracks Dominic J. Marshall

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Dominic J. Marshall - piano
Tobias Nijboer - double bass
Kaspars Kurdeko - drums


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Sainsburys Entertainment

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