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Review: Ant Law - Entanglement
Album Cover - Entanglement
 Artist: Ant Law
 Album: Entanglement
 Date of Release: 2013/02/11
 Label: 33 Jazz
 Cat. No.: 33JAZZ230
 Country of Release: UK
 Genre/s: Jazz

 Sub-Genre/s: Fusion, Contemporary
 Type: Studio
   Time: 54:42
   Date of Review: 2013/09/19
   Web Site:
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Released on the 33 Jazz label on 11th February this year, Ant Law's Entanglement is the accomplished guitarist's very polished debut album. And before anyone asks, yes, the name is real, it's Ant(hony) Law, and there's no connection whatsoever to Adam & The Ants, Ant Music, and the like.

Law teamed up with a top-flight young line-up consisting of Michael Chillingworth on alto and soprano sax and bass clarinet, Tom Farmer on bass, James Maddren on drums, and the stellar John Turville on piano. They all fit Law's original style of fusion like hand in glove. Ensemble playing and improvisation are equally excellent, as well as equally strong, with Law giving his band mates generous space to shine.

Eight of the nine tracks are Law originals, with the ninth a John 'Trane' Coltrane composition which sits well with the rest. Law's brand of fusion is inventive and original, as well as highly melodic. With Stract, one cannot avoid a strong feeling of déjà vu in the tune and the changes, somehow, but that is not to say that it might be 'based' on anything in particular. It is, in fact, one of the most mesmerising pieces on Entanglement.

Law is definitely onto something with his kind of jazz fusion, which in some ways seems inspired by fusionist extraordinaire Asaf Sirkis, yet follows its own style entirely. It is hard to believe that Entanglement is a debut recording, being as brilliant as it is and so mature for such a young artist as Law. It is also beautifully accessible and makes for a superb listen.

As consistent as you could hope to meet, Entanglement has all the qualities to keep you fascinated, even riveted, rather than being just compelling. It is a beautiful album that you may find impossible to resist playing over and over, with its great melodic, harmonic and rhythmic interest. I want more of this Ant Law music!

If fusion is your thing then Ant Law's Entanglement is a definite must have. It also surely holds more than enough interest for the general modern/contemporary jazz aficionado. And if you buy the - always preferable over digital - CD, there are three bonus tracks available to you, in .wav format. (Although personally, I would have preferred these to have been on the CD.) And if you buy the CD from Law's web site, there is also a special offer to buy it together with his book, 3rd Millenium Guitar – An Introduction to Perfect Fourths Tuning.

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Track List:

1. Kanda Jhati - 6:15
2. Entanglement I - Janus & Epimetheus - 6:57
3. For Silver - 6:08
4. Laurvin Glaslowe - 4:18
5. Stract - 7:30
6. Satellite - 5:39
7. 13 Moons - 7:12
8. A Bar in Nigeria - 4:19
9. Entanglement II - Gemini - 6:16

All compositions by Ant Law
except 6. Satellite by John Coltrane

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Ant Law - guitar
Michael Chillingworth - alto & soprano sax, bass clarinet
John Turville - piano
Tom Farmer - bass
James Maddren - drums


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