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Review: Farthest South - Omens & Talismans
Album Cover - Omens & Talismans
Omens & Talismans
 Artist: Farthest South
 Album: Omens & Talismans
 Date of Release: 2013/02/10
 Label: Farsouth West Records
 Cat. No.: FSW 001
 Country of Release: IL
 Genre/s: Free Improv, Jazz

 Sub-Genre/s: Free Jazz , Avant-Garde, Experimental
 Type: Studio
   Time: 42:09
   Date of Review: 2013/04/26
   Web Site:
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Omens & Talismans

New group Farthest South self-released their debut album Omens & Talismans on 10th February this year. They are comprised of guitar ace Yair Yona on bass and effects, Yair Etziony on electronics, Barry Berko on guitar, free jazz legend Albert Beger on saxophone, and Sivan Zeimer in charge of visuals.

The album is not easy to define. In fact, Omens & Talismans is virtually impossible to define or classify. The closest you could describe it as is free improvisation with electronica. By its very nature, it is experimental, and could also be described as avant-garde. But forget about labels and just listen to Omens & Talismans instead. Go on the journey, join this adventure that aims to go beyond all boundaries.

All improvised, first takes without overdubs, this album boldly goes where few have gone before. Easy listening this is not, Omens & Talismans is anything but. The mix of conventional instruments, electronica and effects is a heady one. This is musicians' music, and the listener is expected to actively listen, not passively, and to take an active part in the journey, in the adventure. There are no convenient conventional references such as carefully arranged harmonies, melodies, or rhythms. Harmonies, melodies and rhythms that do emerge here and there are incidental, as if accidental.

However, ultimately Omens & Talismans proves a most satisfying and rewarding adventure, even a most enjoyable one. Farthest South live up to their name in not merely pushing frontiers but going beyond them, to a point - farthest south - where boundaries just no longer exist or even make sense. In the process, this has become a totally mesmerising journey.

Farthest South's Omens & Talismans is an absolute must have for the adventurous listener who is willing to take part. Go for the limited edition CD in a cardfold while it is available, it is bound to become a collector's item as well as providing a superior quality sound.

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Track List:

1. A Lesson Learned - Part I - Creating Transformation - 11:21
2. A Lesson Learned - Part II - Lecture - 7:03
3. Concrete - Part I - Godshall - 15:51
4. Concrete - Part II - Mantram - 7:54

All music improvised first takes, no overdubs or editing

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Yair Etziony - electronics
Yair Yona - bass, effects
Barry Berko - guitar
Sivan Zeimer - visuals
Albert Beger - saxophone


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Omens & Talismans can be purchased from:

Bandcamp (MP3)

Amazon UK (MP3)


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