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Review: Ehran Elisha, Harold Rubin, Haim Elisha - East Of Jaffa
Album Cover - East Of Jaffa
East Of Jaffa
 Artist: Ehran Elisha, Harold Rubin, Haim Elisha
 Album: East Of Jaffa
 Date of Release: 2011/11/01
 Label: OutNow Recordings
 Cat. No.: ONR006
 Country of Release: IL
 Genre/s: Jazz

 Sub-Genre/s: Free, Contemporary, Modern
 Type: Studio
   Time: 60:41
   Date of Review: 2012/08/02
   Web Site:,
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East Of Jaffa

Ehran Elisha, Harold Rubin & Haim Elisha's East Of Jaffa was released on the adventurous Israeli OutNow label on 1st November 2011. It brings together two musicians who are legends in their own right and who also happen to paint.

South African born clarinettist Harold Rubin is generally regarded as the godfather of Israeli free jazz/free improv and has been and is the mentor of most of the younger Israeli musicians falling broadly into that category, including Albert Beger, now a great in his own right too. Oddly, I was only recently reminded of one of my favourites of Rubin's albums from the 1990s, 1993's Trialog, which also featured a very young Asaf Sirkis - now London based and internationally renowned as the finest and most versatile drummer and percussionist anywhere - in the early days of his professional career, already proving his prodigious talent. Rubin always was one of the bright beacons that gave hope at a time when jazz seemed to have somewhat lost its way for a time. His free improv is rooted in the music of the likes of Eric Dolphy and Anthony Braxton as his starting point. But of course, Rubin has developed it much further in a style, idiom and voice that are characteristically his.

Pianist Haim Elisha is as much a legend in Israel and beyond, also with a unique idiom, style and voice in his free improv. The two veterans here are joined by Elisha's son, drummer Ehran.

East Of Jaffa sees the three in trio as well as various duo forms, in what could perhaps best be described as chamber free improv. All three players are on top form and share an highly intimate empathy.

What is particularly striking about East Of Jaffa is the delightful accessibility of this music, and its abundant elegance and even beauty. Although completely improvised, the music is so coherent and cohesive that it gives the impression of composition. But then, ultimately the two are the same - improvisation is spontaneous composition, and composition is improvisation written down, at their very best. And this is improv at its very best. There is nothing contrived here, or laboured. The music just flows, the dialogue develops spontaneously and is inspired.

Absolutely consistent throughout, East Of Jaffa makes for more than just compelling listening. It is compulsive, addictive, it demands to be played repeatedly. This album is full of surprises, excitement even, and it has charm, and a wondrous beauty all its own - a rarity in free improv/free jazz. Above all perhaps, it is simply a highly enjoyable listen.

Ehran Elisha, Harold Rubin & Haim Elisha's East Of Jaffa is a gem that has to be an absolute must have for any free improv/free jazz aficionado. It also makes for a superb introduction to the 'genre' and should be of interest to any jazz fan.

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Track List:

1. East Of Jaffa - Florentin Dusk - 13:32
2. East Of Jaffa - The Father, The Son and the Harold Rubin - 6:08
3. Empatico - 7:04
4. Serpentine Suite - 21:24
5. Speaks Two Languages Tango - 6:10
6. Sages - 6:18

All compositions Ehran Y. Elisha, Haim Elisha, and Harold Rubin

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Ehran Elisha - drums
Harold Rubin - clarinet
Haim Elisha - piano


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