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Review: alasVALS - Felicidad Equidistante
Album Cover - Felicidad Equidistante
Felicidad Equidistante
 Artist: alasVALS
 Album: Felicidad Equidistante
 Date of Release: 2008/12
 Label: Mistica y Febril
 Cat. No.:  
 Country of Release: AR/UK
 Genre/s: Electronica

 Sub-Genre/s: Folktronic, Singer-Songwriter
 Type: Studio
   Time: 36:56
   Date of Review: 2012/07/10
   Web Site:
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Felicidad Equidistante

Released in December 2008 on Mistica y Febril, alasVALS' debut album Felicidad Equidistante is a surprise that is full of surprises.

The band is co-led by London-based singer-songwriter Silvia Demetilla and Buenos Aires-based guitarist David Aguirre, and includes percussionist Nando Gómez, who tragically died shortly after the recording from a rare and bizarre case of anthrax in the UK.

All tracks on Felicidad Equidistante are Demetilla originals, some with English, some with Spanish lyrics, all surprising and interesting compositions that stand out. The music is quite hard to classify, but for those that need such a thing, call it broadly folktronic, although it might equally well be at home in singer-songwriter (albeit, with a difference!).

In spite of the electronics, the songs generally have a strongly folkish feel to them. They are also dreamily soulful. At the same time, there is a touch of late 1970s/80s singer-songwriter about them, sometimes vaguely reminiscent of say Kate Bush during that period.

It may take a couple of listens or so, but Felicidad Equidistante gets to you eventually. The album is remarkably consistent from the first track to the last, and there is a certain charm about it that makes Felicidad Equidistante somehow more than compelling. This gentle, dreamily soulful music has a strange, sometimes almost ethereal beauty all its own that proves captivating.

For electronica and folktronica connoisseurs, alasVALS' Felicidad Equidistante should prove irresistible, and singer-songwriter aficionados and all lovers of soulful, gentle music should most definitely give it at least a try.

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Track List:

 1. Intro - 0:38
 2. Veo Veo - 4:09
 3. De No Respirarte - 5:07
 4. Piano Dnr - 0:45
 5. Pearls - 3:20
 6. Intra Tv - 4:01
 7. Cisne Mecanico - 3:13
 8. Ways to the Road Movie - 4:38
 9. Cerca - 0:23
10. Abnormal Puzzle - 3:52
11. Hipnosis- Unfinished Version - 2:30
12. Lejos - 0:38
13. Felices Aves Sabias - 3:36

All tracks Silvia Demetilla, arr. David Aguirre, except:
1 arr. Silvia Demetilla, 8 arr. Silvia Demetilla & David Aguirre
Vocal arrgmts. Silvia Demetilla

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Silvia Demetilla - vocals & BG voices
David Aguirre - acoustic guitar, keyboards, synth, programming
Nando Gómez - congas, darbouka, bongos, djembe, palo
Sandra Conte - bass (1, 8, 10)
Kike Pedersen - Paraguayan harp (1, 2)
Fouzy'Abed - bass (3)
Geo Carlucci - bass (7)
Sebastián Monk - piano (3, 4)
Hugo Martínez - drums (5)


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