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Review: Abdou Diop - Nootee
Album Cover - Nootee
 Artist: Abdou Diop
 Album: Nootee
 Date of Release: 2012/10/22
 Label: Sterns Africa
 Cat. No.: STCD1114
 Country of Release: UK
 Genre/s: World | West Africa

 Sub-Genre/s: Contemporary, Senegal
 Type: Studio
   Time: 57:50
   Date of Review: 2012/12/25
   Web Site:
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Abdou Diop's Nootee was released on the Sterns Africa/Sterns Music label this October. It is his second album.

Nootee brings a breeze of fresh air to Senegalese music. Diop blends the music of his native Southern Senegal with modern songwriting, and traditional instruments such as the hoddu - a possible ancestor of the banjo - and percussion with modern Western instruments such as guitar and bass.

The songs are all Diop originals, sung in his native Pulaar, except Manna which is in Manding. They generally have a traditional, rural feel to them, but brought into a more cosmopolitan setting.

Diop's voice is charismatic and authentic, authoritative-sounding. He is a spell-binding story teller, even in the absence of full translations of the lyrics and just brief synopses instead. The music and the voice carry the story for us, eloquently so. Above all, music and voice are imbued with an un-falsified sincerity and openness.

Delightfully consistent from start to finish, Nootee is spell-binding rather than just compelling. A gorgeous album of beautiful, absorbing, and just excellent songs. With the right promotion and support here, Diop and Nootee should go far! One of the very best albums to have come out of Africa this year.

Abdou Diop's Nootee surely ought to be a must have for any aficionado of music emerging from Africa, whether traditional or modern. Beyond that, it should have great appeal to any 'world music' lover. And the CD surely ought to be a better buy than digital download for the English synopses of the songs.

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Track List:

 1. Kodo - 4:46
 2. Dominik - 5:00
 3. Fadam - 3:57
 4. Monde - 5:36
 5. Jaabi - 4:40
 6. Mannaa - 5:14
 7. Maage - 5:25
 8. Seule Toi - 5:17
 9. Weliyaade - 4:36
10. Maaja - 4:19
11. Kissal - 5:28
12. Dengere - 3:31

All songs Abdou Diop

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Abdou Diop - lead vocals
Mamy Kanoute, El Hadji Soumare, Awa Cissokho - backing vocals
El Hadji Soumare - flute, guitar (1, 5, 10)
Baye Mahanta Diop - guitar (2, 3, 9)
Ibrahima Cissokho - guitar (6)
Abdoulaye Samb - guitar (8)
Boubacar Niang - bass
Barou Sall - hoddu
Ibra Ndir - calabash
Massamba Diop - tama
Aliou Seck, Talel Balde, Amadou Balde - percussion
Doudou Konare - guest solo guitar


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Sterns Music

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