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Album Cover - Best Of The Celebrate Series
Best Of The Celebrate Series
 Artist: Various Artists
 Album: Best Of The Celebrate Series
 Date of Release: 2007
 Label: Craig 'N Co. / Dist. Universal/Fontana
 Cat. No.: CNC-0100
 Country of Release: US
 Genre/s: World | Jewish

 Sub-Genre/s: Klezmer, Yiddish Song, Contemporary, Religious Song
 Type: Studio
   Time: 117:05
   Date of Review: 2009/06/10
   Web Site:

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Best Of The Celebrate Series

Released in 2007 by the LA based Craig 'N Co label, Best Of The Celebrate Series is a compilation of some of the best from nine of the label's successful Celebrate series of albums of contemporary Jewish music. This arrived here quite out of the blue, along with a couple of other new releases sometime in early 2007. However, a review had to wait until now as at the time Rainlore's World of Music was in effect in hiatus and the new site design was already in development.

As you could expect from any 'Various Artists' compilation of this kind, Best Of The Celebrate Series is a bit of a mixed bag of goodies. They range from the excellent to the near-awful, but on the whole, Best Of The Celebrate Series provides a great sampler right across the spectrum of Jewish music that is probably an ideal introduction for those who have, through cultural assimilation or whatever else, completely lost all contact with the culture. At the very least, this double-CD album is bound to have some appeal somewhere and arouse further interest in Jewish music, and perhaps trigger further investigation of at least one or other of the many genres represented, regardless of whether the listener comes from a Jewish or non-Jewish background.

The nine Celebrate... albums covered by this compilation are, Shabbat, Passover, Hanukkah, Kids, Klezmer, Yiddish, Love, Narrow Bridge, and Peace. Quite a range of topics there. The range of styles represented is almost as wide, though contemporary ones tend to predominate, spanning rock, country, klezmer, modern klezmer, Yiddish theatre song, pop, and easy listening. The focus is firmly on the Ashkenazi tradition. Best Of The Celebrate Series features artists such as The Klezmer Conservatory Band, Frank London's Klezmer Brass Allstars, Craig Taubman, Neshama Carlebach, Debbie Friedman, Laura Wetzler and many more, a good mix of the well known and the lesser known, taken altogether.

Best Of The Celebrate Series should provide at least something for every listener, and even nearly every season of the Jewish calendar is catered for, too. Inevitably perhaps, the klezmer contributions from Frank London's Klezmer Brass Allstars and The Klezmer Conservatory Band will be the big "wow factor" tracks, especially for the uninitiated. Any more than the two tracks included would likely have come to completely dominate the whole album.

In conclusion, I would have to say that Best Of The Celebrate Series is a very brave effort to try and bring such a wide spectrum of Jewish music together, and it is an excellent sampler.

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Track List:

Disc 1


 1. L'cha Dodi - C. Taubman - 4:29
 2. Ki Eleicha - Shirona - 3:03
 3. Melech Rachaman - N. Carlebach - 4:08
 4. Hamavdil - Pharaoh's Daughter - 3:07
 5. Yism'chu - Rick Calvert - 3:05


 6. Alli En El Midbar - G. Edery - 2:55
 7. Eliyahu Hanavi - D. Broza - 3:04
 8. Make Those Waters Part - D. Mishkin - 4:03
 9. Pitchu Li - SAFAM - 4:37


10. Al Hanisim - Yom Hadash - 3:36
11. Hanuka - J. Frankel - 2:54
12. Maoz Tsur - Tzimmes - 3:05
13. Not By Might-Not By Power - D. Friedman - 2:51


14. Piece of the Dream - C. Taubman - 3:24
15. Round and Round - Mah Tovu - 3:54
16. Shalom - Nelsongs - 2:54
17. Wherever You Go - L. Milder - 3:05

Disc 2


18. Skotshne #60 a la Merlin - The Klezmer Conservatory Band - 3:01
19. Wedding in Crown Heights - Frank London's Klezmer Brass Allstars - 3:57


20. Yidl Mitn Fidl - E. Reissa - 2:20


21. Kumi Lach - Eighteen - 3:15
22. Mi Bon - B. Schachter - 3:42
23. Verastich Li - C. Taubman - 3:30
24. Ani L'dodi - Soulfarm - 3:58

Narrow Bridge

25. Heaven and Earth - C. Glasser - 4::50
26. Job's Niggun - D. Paskin - 3:54
27. Mima'makim - S. Kaufman - 3:48
28. Y'Varech'cha - S. Braunstein - 2:44
29. Journey - C. Taubman - 4:13


30. Children of Abraham - L. Wetzler - 3:55
31. Peace by Piece - SAFAM - 4:47
32. Shalom Rav - J. Klepper - 2:06
33. Eliyahu Hanavi - Moshav Band - 4:31

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Featuring -

Shirona - Neshama Carlebach - Gerard Edery - David Broza - Doug Mishkin - Yom Hadash - Safam - Tzimmes - Craig Taubman - Debbie Friedman - Mah Tovu - Larry Milder - The Klezmer Conservatory Band - Frank London's Klezmer Brass Allstars - Eleanor Reissa - Brad Schachter - Soulfarm - Caren Glasser - David Paskin - Cheryl Bronstein - Laura Wetzler - Jeff Klepper - Moshav Band - Rick Calvert


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