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Martín Alvarado With Horacio Avilano Trio - Más Allá
Album Cover - Mas Alla
Más Allá
 Artist: Martín Alvarado With Horacio Avilano Trio
 Album: Más Allá
 Date of Release: 2010
 Cat. No.: FONOCAL 785
 Country of Release: AR
 Genre/s: World | South American

 Sub-Genre/s: Argentinean, Tango, Milonga, Vals, Canción
 Type: Studio
   Time: 41:03
   Date of Review: 2012/03/27
   Web Site:
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Más Allá

Martín Alvarado With Horacio Avilano Trio's Más Allá, released in 2010 on the Argentinean Fonocal label, is Alvarado's latest recording to date. (However, new releases are in progress with an anticipated release date of next year.)

Alvarado, the ambassador par excellence of Argentinean tango songs and others, should need little introduction. Gifted with an outstanding tenor voice that often veers into the operatic, Alvarado has long been a star of the European concert stage, with numerous TV and radio appearances, in addition to in his native Argentina. Over the past six months, he has also graced the UK scene with two brief acclaimed tours, following his one week appearance in the popular Midnight Tango dance show starring Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace last May, where he stood in for British based Argentinean singer Guillermo Rozenthuler, who first introduced Alvarado to a packed private soiree earlier last year.

For Más Allá, Martín Alvarado teamed up with the Horacio Avilano Trio, a most highly regarded Argentinean guitar and guitarrón (a slightly deep-bodied guitar-like instrument with a bass-baritone range - there are several instruments of this name across the Latin-American world, all different from each other) trio. The combination is electrifying. The trio's accompaniment is perfection.

On this album, Alvarado presents an exquisite selection of classic tangos, milongas, vals, cancións and other songs from Argentina. Often sad, these songs are filled with passion and romance. (The original Spanish lyrics are included in the sleeve.) Deeply emotional, straight from - and to - the heart, Más Allá has it all and presents a veritable microcosm of the songs of Argentina.

Most importantly, the rendering of these songs by Alvarado is never less than perfect, his voice beautifully expressing all the pathos, drama, passion and romance. With Más Allá, Alvarado could go straight to anyone's heart and rip it out. He truly kills one softly with his songs. Without, of course, ever descending to melodrama, let alone schmaltz. Alvarado is pure class, and so is this gorgeous album. His immense charm and charisma carry across well to the recording, and it is as if you had Alvarado singing privately just for you in your living room. And while Alvarado never shows and expresses less than the greatest love and respect for the tradition, he also is not afraid of occasionally pushing the envelope and taking the art towards the future.

As brilliantly consistent as it is consistently brilliant, Más Allá completely seduces and mesmerises with its sheer beauty and depth of emotion. Moreover, Alvarado makes the language barrier completely irrelevant with his exquisitely expressive voice - emotions have a universal language that, at the hands of such a masterful singer, transcends mere spoken language with ease. Más Allá, and Alvarado, are utterly irresistible and one feels compelled to play this album again straight after it finishes, time and again. Alvarado at his very finest. Let him melt your heart!

Indubitably, Martín Alvarado With Horacio Avilano Trio's Más Allá is an absolute must have for just any true music lover, let alone of course for the connoisseur of tango and Argentinean songs in general. Beg, steal, or borrow, but preferably buy Más Allá while you can! Let yourself be utterly seduced!

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Track List:

 1. Más Allá (J. Mora / J.M. Contursi) (Tango) - 2:50
 2. Milonga De Corralon (H. Quintana / A. De La Torre) (Milonga) - 2:22
 3. Mujer Y Amiga (R. Figueroa Reyes) (Aire De Zamba) - 4:13
 4. Solitario (W. Bascuñán) (Guarania Chilena) - 3:01
 5. La Última Cita (A. Bardi / F. Garcia Jiménez) (Tango) - 3:46
 6. Viento Dile A La Lluvia (L. Nebbia) (Canción) - 2:56
 7. Vieja Casa (E. Zaldivar) (Vals) - 2:37
 8. Tapera (H. Gutiérrez / H. Manzi) (Tango) - 3:40
 9. Gracias A La Vida (V. Parra) (Canción) - 3:32
10. Milonga Triste (S. Piana / H. Manzi) (Milonga) - 5:24
11. Petit Bar (R. Grela / H. Expósito) (Tango) - 3:19
12. Campo Afuera (R. Biagi / H. Manzi) (Milonga) - 2:53

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Martín Alvarado - vocals

Horacio Avilano Trio :
Horacio Avilano - guitar, arrangements
Juan Manuel Avilano - guitarrón
Mariano Olivera - guitar (tracks 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12)
Hernán Fredes - guitar (tracks 1, 3, 5, 9, 11)


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