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Appeal for Donations

Rainlore's World's Appeal for Donations has now reached and indeed slightly exceeded its target, thanks especially to one very generous, kind donor! The Appeal therefore is now closed until funds run short again.

Thank you all so very much for helping to keep Rainlore's World going!

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Rainlore's World would like to sincerely and humbly thank everybody who donated to the recent Appeal for Donations, and one particular very kind and generous person/persons. You have made it possible for Rainlore's World to continue as an independent, not for profit site, with hosting now secure until 2015!

Thank you all so very, very much!

The appeal will be relaunched as and when funds begin to run short and web hosting for 2015/16 needs to be secured.

The overdue proper site update will follow ASAP. Please bear with Rainlore's World until then. Thank you.


Rainlore's World

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Please see Home page for further details of Appeal.



The Rainlore's World Appeal for Donations was 'silently' - apart from announcements on Facebook - relaunched a few weeks ago. Rainlore's World is in urgent needs of funds! For details, see the box above. There's even a convenient PayPal button which lets you donate anonymously. £50 were raised in cash prior to the relaunch, and afterwards, a total of £40 (minus fees) via PayPal since. Also, a generous donation of a (secondhand) laptop computer was received as the previous one was terminally ill, to tide things over until the tower can be repaired. Thank you all most kindly for your generosity.

Where your money goes :  £40 covers roughly the travel expenses for one live event, £50 covers those plus helps Rainlore's World's Artist in Residence with his travel expenses. Approx. £210 covers web hosting for one year. App. £500 would cover computer repairs/upgrades.

Please give what you can. Rainlore's World is already having to miss out on live events that were to be reviewed, and only two can be attended between now and end of August. After that, I am unable to commit at present. End of August is also when web hosting fees are due.

Please see the news for 2013/01/21 immediately below for important announcements regarding this section.


Rainlore's World

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Regrettably, the Jewish Music section has now been permanently moved to archive due to lack of submissions and other content. The 2012 version of this page is here.

However, any new submissions and other content will continue to be covered, in the Other World Music section.


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