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Appeal for Donations

Rainlore's World's Appeal for Donations has now reached and indeed slightly exceeded its target, thanks especially to one very generous, kind donor! The Appeal therefore is now closed until funds run short again.

Thank you all so very much for helping to keep Rainlore's World going!

To contact Rainlore's World, please use one of our forms.

Please note that the email address from which you may receive any reply cannot normally be used for you to contact Rainlore's World directly, as the email address will not receive normal incoming mail and you will have to use a form again for any further query.


To contact Rainlore's World to submit an album/albums, other media or book/s for review please click here. Also temporarily use to request live event reviews. (Pl. note that normally two guest list places/press/comp tix are required, three if you wish your event to be illustrated by Rainlore's World Artist in Residence Alban Low.)


To send any kind of feedback or comments about Rainlore's World, you can contact us by clicking here.


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