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(2011 Archived Jewish Music Page)

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Have to keep it brief today as keep falling further behind. Just one review this time, a long overdue one of a fantastic gig, the Roland Perrin Ensemble Plays The Jewish Connection At The 606 Club, Chelsea, London SW10, Friday 14th October 2011. Roland Perrin & Co. were just unforgettable! The gig went on till after 1 in the morning, but you'd never have known till you checked your watch. Riveting, this could easily have gone on past breakfast and you still wouldn't have noticed! Great jazz, a lot of it based on Jewish music - an exploration for a forthcoming album.


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An album reviewed this time proved a delightful surprise, Oz Almog & Shantel's compilation Kosher Nostra - Jewish Gangsters' Greatest Hits, comprising tracks from a vast variety of artists - Jewish and otherwise - correlated to the 'Kosher Nostra.' The 'Kosher Nostra' here refers to the big Jewish gangsters of the US-of-A of the 1920s to 60s. The music includes a bunch of fabulous tracks from Tom Jones and Connie Francis back to Molly Picon and Abe Ellstein! The CD comes with a substantial sixty page booklet. Don't miss! This is fascinating.


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Alas, a much delayed update! An album review that's well overdue of Monsieur Camembert's wonderful 4th (double) album, simply self-titled Monsieur Camembert, which won them a well deserved third ARIA Award for best world music album. A kind of retrospective of mainly previously unreleased live material, it's a must have! Anything from contemporary singer-songwriter, traditional klezmer and Brahms to originals, classic rock, pop and more in that inimitable Camembert style with a goodly flavouring of Hot Club/gypsy swing.

And finally, Klezmer in the Park 2011 takes place on Sunday 11th September from 1pm to 5pm at Regent's Park Band Stand. Don't miss this wonderful free world music event, one of the best in the UK Jewish Music calender! Leading band Shir will be on stage app. 1.50pm to 2.30pm.


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A review of one of the US East Coast's most versatile wind players' latest efforts. Released only days ago, Seth Kibel And Bay Jazz Project's Phonin' It In With Seth Kibel And Bay Jazz Project is a superb straight-ahead jazz album that swings. A real beaut! Kibel amply demonstrates some of his versatility on tenor, flute and clarinet. But that's only half the story. Apart from jazz, Kibel - never one to restrict himself to any one 'genre' - usually can be found playing anything from klezmer - in which area he will normally be more familiar here, particularly with his Alexandria Kleztet - to American folk to jazz and just about anything in between.


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The current site update has been delayed somewhat due to unforeseen circumstances.

One of Britain's premier Jewish music ensembles, Shir, have a couple of events coming up! Shir will be at Clayhall Synagogue, Sinclair House, Woodford Bridge Rd., Ilford IG4 5LN (Tel: 020 8551 6533) on Sunday 12th June at 7.30pm. Tickets - £12.50 inc. refreshments. Call Ivor on 07977107730 or email See map for location.

An on Thursday 30th June at 7.30pm, Shir will be at Mill Hill Music Festival at Quench Café, Salcombe Gardens, Mill Hill, NW7 2NT. Buy Tickets (£10) here. See map for location.


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City Showcase Rootsa & Flutes Logo

News from Debbie Golt of Outerglobe/WOM@TT about this years City Showcase: Roots & Flutes event, which will now take place on 17th September in Mile End Park, London E14 (admission: free). Applications for selection must now be received by the new closing date of 15th July to talent AT Please see City Showcase's press release for full details.

City Showcase are looking for talented musicians of any age, solo or bands or orchestras; from steel bands to reggae or Rai, from classical ensembles to gospel choirs, from African to South American and all points across Asia and Europe including modern fusion roots.

All applicants will be entered into a public vote to select ten to perform on 17th September in front of an expert and celebrity panel at an entirely FREE event in Mile End Park. The overall winner will receive mentoring and performance slots in the Olympic year of 2012.

Entry for selection is FREE.

City Showcase has a proven track record of showcasing and helping young musicians of all genres including Jonathan Ansell, Myleene Klass, Panjabi Hit Squad, Jay Sean, Amy Dickson, O Duo, Modeste Hugues, Abdulkader Saadoun, Raghu Dixit – who have just won a Songlines Award, Camilla Kerslake, Raven Quartet, Sway, N-Dubz, Amy Winehouse, and Keane.

They now want to encourage musicians working in traditional or classical fields or who are fusing the old with the new to showcase their talents. Please note that, on this occasion, pure pop artists will not be selected.

Apply by emailing talent AT with your contact details and links to your biog, pic and music saying where you saw the invitation to apply . Closing date 15trh July 2011.


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Please note that as part of ongoing site maintenance the 2010 version of this page has now been moved to the Archives.


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Just a reminder this week that you can catch one of the UK's finest Jewish music bands, the fabulous Shir, with Ashk’farad Live in Oxford this coming Saturday, 5th February 2011 at 8pm, with percussionist Ronen Kozokaro. Oxford Jewish Centre 21 Richmond Road, Oxford, OX1 2JL. Tickets: OJC members £10, non members £14, Students £5. Under 13s free if accompanied by an adult. For tickets call the OJC on 07525 785 200.


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Outstanding Yiddish singer as well as blues artist and singer-songwriter Wolf Krakowski's A/V page is updated with a superb video of his performance of Yiddish song Shabes, Shabes with The Lonesome Brothers & Friends live at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in NYC. Shabes, Shabes could for all intents and purposes be regarded as the charismatic Krakowski's 'signature song' and he has in effect made it his own! A fabulous performance. The 'Friends' by the way also include outstanding Yiddish singer in her own right Fraidy Katz, here as one of the backing singers.

Moving to the 'Windy City,' Rabbi Joe Black With The Maxwell Street Klezmer Band's album Eight Nights of Joy, reviewed a couple of weeks ago, seems to be a runaway success with visitors to this site. It's so far attracted more page views than any other world music or klezmer album in its first two weeks online! Well done, Lori and Max.

Please be aware that due to long-overdue 'site maintenance' being in progress, new items may be a little slow in coming along for a while although we'll do our best. Please also note that the 2010 content of this page will be moved to the Archives section soon.


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The first album actually reviewed in the New Year comes in the shape of an album from the klezmer scene that is firmly pitched at the general world music audience. It is the Red Hot Chachkas' fabulous Beats Without Borders. This is klezmer fusion at its finest. A very adventurous and inventive album by a very inventive and adventurous band - don't miss it!

Woodwind ace Seth Kibel - here perhaps best known as leader of The Alexandria Kleztet but never one to confine himself to only one genre - celebrated the New Year in style with a fab performance with Maggie Sansone at Washington, D.C.'s Kennedy Center. Ms. Sansone is one of America's premier hammered dulcimer players and here celebrated the release of her new album, Wind Drift: Celtic Groove, Mystic Moods. There wasn't an embed code available, but you can follow the whole superb performance at the Kennedy Center. Unmissable!

Over on this side of the pond, news of two forthcoming gigs by the UK's premier Jewish music band Shir, whose latest fabulous album Ashk'Farad was also recently reviewed. They will be at the Vortex Jazz Club in London on 19th January, with percussionist Ronen Kozokaro. If you're not familiar with where the Vortex is located, here's a map! Tickets are only £10 and you can also contact the Vortex on 020 7254 4097.

On 5th February, Shir will be at the Oxford Jewish Centre, 21 Richmond Rd., Oxford, OX1 2JL. Here's a map to help. Tickets: OJC members £10, non members £14, Students £5, under 13s free if accompanied by an adult. From OJC on 07525 785 200 or by email from Sally Paskett -

Hoping to get busy with some long overdue site maintenance in the coming weeks, so things may slow down a bit temporarily in terms of new material.


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This week, we catch up with a review of the most recent album by the Windy City's fabulous Maxwell Street Klezmer Band, in the shape of Joe Black With The Maxwell Street Klezmer Band's Eight Nights Of Joy. A wonderful live recording, with lots of 'genre-bending' with the customary panache of one of the very finest big-band klezmer bands anywhere, plus the extraordinary singer-songwriter Rabbi Joe Black. Not only a perfect album for Chanukah but for the whole year and moreover for all world music lovers.

For updates on the campaigns to save specialist music programmes (and to preserve musical and cultural diversity) on BBC Local Radio such as DJ Ritu's A World in London and Mick Peat & Lester Simpson's Folkwaves please head for the Other World Music page. It's not over till the fat lady sings - and she isn't allowed inside yet!


Happy 2011!

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There is a full index of all reviews available on Rainlore's World of Music. Also, there is an index listing all CD reviews , which includes reviews of music from all genres, and another one listing all live music reviews.

Reviews added 2011/11/10:

Roland Perrin Ensemble Plays The Jewish Connection At The 606 Club, Chelsea, London SW10, Friday 14th October 2011 (2011/10/16)


Reviews added 2011/09/12:

Oz Almog & Shantel :  Kosher Nostra - Jewish Gangsters' Greatest Hits (2011/09/06)


Reviews added 2011/08/18:

Monsieur Camembert :  Monsieur Camembert (2011/07/27)


Reviews added 2011/07/24:

Seth Kibel And Bay Jazz Project :  Phonin' It In With Seth Kibel And Bay Jazz Project (2011/07/21)


Reviews added 2011/01/09:

Red Hot Chachkas :  Beats Without Borders (2011/01/06)


Reviews added 2011/01/03:

Rabbi Joe Black With The Maxwell Street Klezmer Band :  Eight Nights Of Joy (2010/12/29)


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Artists' Profiles

Artists' profiles consist of brief profiles, complete with discographies, contact/booking and other useful information, for some of the artists whose work has been featured on Rainlore's World of Music.

Profiles added:


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Articles & Features

Both formal and informal articles, both on as well as off site, on all manner of topics relating to Jewish Music. Titles are accompanied by brief descriptions of the content. A full index of articles and features is also available.


On-site Features & Articles on aspects of Jewish music and anything vaguely related

Articles/Features added 2011:

Articles on aspects of Jewish music by various authors, off-site

The Main Klezmer Modes by Joshua Horowitz  is an extract from an unpublished paper by Horowitz on the modes or shteygers commonly in use in klezmer music, which derive from the modes of the Ashkenazi chazzanut. It is both fascinating and practically required reading for anybody with an interest in the theory of Jewish music.

Tsimbls and Their Kin by Joshua Horowitz is a riveting article by this eminent musicologist and of course one of the most outstanding contemporary tsimblists himself, on this wonderful instrument - the tsimbl, the Eastern European Jewish hammered dulcimer or cimbalom.

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Annual Jewish Music Festivals, Workshops and Similar Events
Sources for Buying Jewish Music Recordings

Annual Jewish Music Festivals, Workshops and Similar Events

KLEZCALIFORNIA is an annual five day celebration of Klezmer Music, Yiddish Language, Literature, Dance and Folk Arts, with evening events and a full children's program, held every summer in San Francisco, California. Course offerings, teachers, registration instructions and other details are available from the KlezCalifornia web site as well as by email or phone on (+1) 415-789-7679. The 2004 event takes place from June 20th to 25th 2004.

KlezFest is the UK's annual five day celebration of Yiddish and klezmer music and culture with a full programme of courses, workshops, concerts and more. Held in London based at the Jewish Music Institute at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) of the University of London every summer, KlezFest is usually preceded by a week long Yiddish language and culture course. Full details and online registration forms are usually available in the early part of each year at the JMI web site. The 2004 Yiddish language and culture course is slated for Sunday 1st to Friday 6th August 2004, while KlezFest will take place Sunday 8th to Thursday 12th August 2004.

KlezKamp is the granddaddy of all klezmer and Yiddish culture fests. The brainchild of Henry Sapoznik of Kapelye and The Jewish Radio Project fame, and acclaimed author of one of the modern standard texts on klezmer and the klezmer renaissance of the late 20th century, Klezmer! Jewish Music from Old World to Our World, KlezKamp was first held in 1984 and takes place annually in December in the Catskills of New York State. Now also known as the Yiddish Folk Arts Festival, KlezKamp features "innovative classes, great teachers and the finest schedule of Yiddish culture programs in the world", to quote the official blurb. Full details of each year's event and online registration are usually available on the official KlezKamp web site in the autumn, or you can email for a printed brochure.
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Sources for Buying Jewish Music Recordings

Your local CD mega store is extremely unlikely to carry any sort of Jewish music recordings. Amazon and Barnes & Noble and similar online outlets have the odd few releases in their catalogues, but you'd have to be very lucky to find everything you want there.

However, there are very much better sources from which to obtain CDs (and/or audio cassettes etc.) -  for a start, two wonderful specialist Judaica outlets, one in the USA and the other in the UK. Both are run at least as much as a labour of love as as a business, and are certainly deserving of every Jewish music connoisseur's support and patronage. Their respective owners are not only extremely knowledgeable in the field of Jewish music and recordings, but are also extraordinarily helpful and will go the extra mile to try all they reasonably can to track down an obscure recording that they might not have in stock (and their range of stock is nothing short of amazing anyway!) - if it's out there and at all obtainable, these dedicated people are your best hope of getting it!

Specialist outlets like this are always at best marginal and often struggling to survive, while providing an invaluable service, so if you love Jewish music and are looking to buy, may I urge you to please take your custom to :

Banner - Hatikvah Music InternationalHATIKVAH Music International

is based at:  436 N. Fairfax, L.A., Ca. (USA)
(323) 655 7083

Simon Rutberg, Hatikvah's friendly helpful owner, carries every imaginable kind of Jewish music and then some. You can also contact Simon by email with any specific queries you might have, for example concerning a recording you're looking for that isn't listed on his web site.

Hatikvah Music also take particular pride in offering the largest selection of Sephardic music in the world, separated into "Ladino" (Judeo-Spanish) and (non-Spanish) Sephardi categories, and here are the two direct links to the start of those respective pages:

Banner - Hatikvah - LadinoBanner - Hatikvah - Sephardic

Sephardi and Ladino recordings tend to be especially hard to find generally, so the above should provide a convenient shortcut.

Banner - JMD UKJewish Music Distribution UK

is based at: PO Box 67, Hailsham, BN27 4UW (UK)
Tel/Fax: (+44) (0)1323 832863
(between 8.30am and 6pm UK time)

JMD UK is run by the friendly helpful Noa Lachman and carries an incredible range of all kinds of Jewish music, in fact, probably the widest range of recordings available anywhere under one roof. For any specific queries concerning e.g. recordings that you are looking for (chances are, Noa's got it!), you can also contact Noa by email. Noa's web site also offers secure online ordering.
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