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Please note that some of the videos that have been described as 'panorama finals' by their posters clearly are not - semis, more likely.

Also please note that the quality, both visual and audio, more often than not is not that great on YouTube. I've tried to pick the 'best', but sometimes even a lousy quality is acceptable on account of the merit of the arrangement, performance, etc. (The visual quality especially on TTT - Trinidad & Tobago Television - has never been that great to begin with, in no small part due to the atrocious lighting at the Queens Park Savannah stage combined with the use of canopies by the bands!

Invaders - For The Love Of You - Pan in the 21st Century 2006
Invaders - Say Say - Panorama Finals 2005
Invaders - Bassman
Invaders - Celebrating With Steel - Panorama Finals 2000
Invaders - Governor's Ball - Steelband Music Festival 1992

Invaders Steel OrchestraVideo Clips

Invaders Steel Orchestra
'For The Love Of You'
Pan in the 21st Century 2006

Invaders Steel Orchestra
'Say Say'
Panorama Finals 2005

Invaders Steel Orchestra


Invaders Steel Orchestra
'Celebrating With Steel'
Panorama Finals 2000

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Invaders Steel Orchestra
'Governor's Ball'
Steelband Music Festival 1992

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